Forthcoming Events/Topics:


  • "Becoming a Conscious Startup: Archetypal dynamics, the shadow, and the Quest for the philosopher's stone"

  • "The Alchemist and Tech: The art of Soul and psyche-led innovation"

  • "Social Dreaming: Accessing the power of dreams for organizational innovation"

  • "The Wounded Leader: The foundation for transformation or the Rise of pathology"

  • "Deep Personal Alignment: The con-fluence of work, life, and Passion"

  • "The Technology Goddess: The arc toward feminine consciousness & Integration"

  • "Transforming your Company’s Shadow"

  • "Archetypal Leadership"

  • "The Soul of Tech: Revealing the Light and shadow of the world"

  • "C.G. Jung in Silicon Valley: Tapping the Well of the UNCONSCIOUS"

Past Events: