Therapy and Counseling

Beginning therapy can be a positive and extremely important step to better understanding and dealing with life’s challenges.  It can also be a place for expanding the imagination and fostering deep healing.

Therapy may provide fresh perspectives and opportunities for new visions and success.

Exploring your unique journey through life can open many new doors and promote true well-being.  Find more information here:  Psychotherapy

My approach to therapy is entirely patient-centered, based on your needs and unique situations.  I integrate depth psychological approaches derived from Jungian-based, solution-focused, and humanistic perspectives.  I am proud to work with a wide range of patients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and communities.

Here are a few of the areas in which I support patients:

  •     Anger and stress management
  •     Anxiety, depression, fear, low self-esteem
  •     Bereavement, sudden loss, unresolved grief
  •     Career changes—finding purpose and meaning or new directions
  •     Couples & Singles—infidelity, loss, healing the past, forgiveness
  •     Effects of childhood trauma—physical, sexual, or emotional abuse
  •     Financial challenges
  •     LGBTQ issues—healing from oppression or fear, building community
  •     General exploration, personal identity and self-development
  •     Mid-life questioning, preparing the second part of life
  •     Relationship problems—couple, family, parent-child
  •     Sexuality and sexual problems
  •     Spirituality and greater mindfulness
  •     Stressful changes in life, work, or family
  •     Success and joy—embarking on a quest, deciding on a new direction

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Edward Santana, Ph.D., Registered Psychotherapist
*Please note: I am not currently accepting patients.*
Member, Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy
Former Exec. Dir., Ontario Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

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 “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

“Those who flow, as life flows, know they need no other force.” ~ Lao Tzu

For information on Depth Psychology, visit:  CG Jung Page, Depth Psychology Alliance, Philemon Foundation.