Edward Santana, Ph.D. is a senior advisor, coach, and academic bridging business and depth psychology. He is an experienced strategist, startup consultant, Ogilvy PR alum, professor of psychology, author, coach, therapist, and former politico. He works with individuals and teams on issues of connection, performance, vision, and growth by deepening understanding and alignment with the deepest aspects of self, soul, and the collective. In addition to his current practice, he is developing PsychTech Lab, advising companies on how to expand insight and consciousness among teams and organizations by delving far deeper into the hidden psychological and cultural layers that create the foundations for powerful change, innovation, and social impact. He is the author of Jung and Sex, an acclaimed book re-visioning C.G. Jung’s historical contributions to sex and sexuality. He works in downtown SF and LA.





Edward Santana, Ph.D., LMFT (California #102800), Registered Psychotherapist (Ontario #2365)