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Praise for "Jung and Sex: Re-visioning the Treatment of Sexual Issues"

This book should be required reading for any psychotherapist who treats people suffering from sexual difficulties. It will fill a void in the Jungian literature on sexuality. Dr. Santana’s stress on the spiritual dimensions of sexuality is a necessary corrective to purely behavioral approaches.
— Lionel Corbett, M.D., Jungian analyst, Author of Psyche and the Sacred, The Soul in Anguish, and The Sacred Cauldron
While glaringly obvious in our culture, sex and sexuality are still only dimly understood: it is everywhere visible, subject to moralism, studied by psychologists, used and abused in advertising, confusing to adolescents, frightening to some, suffered by many in symptomatic forms. But Edward Santana covers the ground – from struggles between culture and instinct to pharmaceuticals and technology – in this brilliant study of Jung’s work, contemporary psychological treatment, and the importance of recognizing sexual life as a deep, exquisite expression of the human soul.
— Lyn Cowan, Ph.D., Jungian analyst, Author of Masochism, Tracking the White Rabbit, and Portrait of the Blue Lady
Edward Santana’s Jung and Sex effectively answers the question: what would a nineteenth century born psychologist have to contribute to the field of sexual studies and therapeutic treatment, especially in an era dominated by behaviorism and cognitive psychologies? Jung not only repositions human sexuality through the biological and social into the realm of the spiritual but affirms that a sexual problem can only be solved by love, that is, by an engagement with the meaning dimension. This book asks the reader to approach the mystery of sex with a willingness to submit to psyche, a Greek word which translates as Soul.
— James Hollis, Ph.D., Jungian analyst, Author of What Matters Most, Hauntings, The Eden Project, and the Middle Passage

Book Review by Ginette Paris, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Professor of psychology and Mythological studies, Author of Wisdom of the Psyche, Heartbreak, and Pagan Grace:

Edward Santana, in his brave book Jung and Sex, (Routledge 2017), does something that is long overdue: a critical review of the moralism that has affected the Jungian community. He attacks the bigotry of the psychological establishment when dealing with sexuality, homosexuality, and sexual infidelity. This moralism is not so much a problem that comes from Jung’s writing, but rather a cultural trend in psychotherapy. Too many devout Jungians prefer to forget that Jung slept with his patients, had a long-time mistress, and did not believe in the absolute sanctity of sexual fidelity. In his own way Santana champions the Jungian perspective, but in a refreshing and more contemporary way. He writes: “Neuroses are more commonly experienced today as anxiety or depression, and if we follow Jung’s interpretations, they are also forms of sexual dysfunction and addiction. The analyst’s task is to provide the link to the unconscious aspect of the sexual problem, which is at the same time a cultural problem. Both the person and the culture need therapy. That is the task that Santana gave himself, in a magnificent effort to renew our thinking about the spiritual dimensions of sexuality. The style is jargon-free, pleasant and sharp!

This excellent work gives serious attention to a topic that has long been overlooked. I commend it to readers in general and to psychotherapists in particular.
— Allen Koehn, D.Min., Jungian analyst, Former executive director of the CG Jung Institute of Los Angeles, Professor of Psychology
This is the quintessential resource for anyone interested in how C.G. Jung worked with sex and sexuality. Not only does that make this a must-read for Jungians, it offers a beautiful analysis of what Jungian thought has to offer to all of us in the midst of our highly sexualized and sexually diverse 21st century Western culture. The author points the way beyond evidenced-based techniques to the most basic underlying question of all passionate and pathological expressions of sexuality — how do we listen to, expand into, and embrace the life of Soul?”
— Susan Woodard, Ph.D., Psychotherapist & inpatient Sex Addiction Specialist

Other reviews from Amazon customers:

This book stands as a classic in the field of human behavior and sexuality. Santana boldly lifts the lid on the issue of sex in modern times. His genius is how he enlarges the lens. Santana puts sex into its proper broader perspective as belonging to the deepest desires one can possess—the longings of the Soul. The landscape the Santana puts forth is rich and lush. Indeed, mythological images come to life, and Santana does not disappoint, providing innumerable resources, many by way of hitherto unearthed Jungian quotes on sex, desire, and spirituality. This book will prove invaluable to the health practitioner encountering sexual issues in their practice—the doctors, psychologist, social workers and counselors—who are willing to look beyond merely eliminating and medicating the symptom. For the symptom has a broader context in which it exists. The life force libidinal energy must go somewhere. By looking at the total man, as it were, practitioners become much more skillful and are able to handle and be of great assistance for people seeking help. Santana’s work provides just such a vision.
Ed Santana treads where few Jungians have dared—into the “taboo” realms of psyche, sex, and the healing power of eros. With daring, original scholarship and fluid prose, Dr. Santana has crafted a unique and original contribution to Jungian and depth-oriented literature.
An insightful and valuable integration of Jungian psychology of the unconscious with a contemporary therapeutic perspective on sexual issues.
I was utterly impressed—this book fills a huge gap in the academic literature, a groundbreaking work looking at sex, sexual issues, dysfunction and treatment from a depth perspective. This is a must-read for any psychiatrist, psychotherapist, LMFT, marriage counselor, or coach who works with sexual issues in his/her practice, as well as for professors and lecturers in the field of psychotherapy and analysis.

Forthcoming Titles

Missing Dimension (2019)

As the financial crash of 2008 swept the globe and businesses shrank overnight, I decided to put aside a nearly completed manuscript I had been working on for more than a year. I placed it in a marked box and tossed it into storage where it remained for the next ten years. By complete surprise, late last year I awoke from a mysterious dream that sought to bring this book back to life. I reluctantly dug out the long-forgotten work, dusted off the old pages and found the research I had collected. As I began reviewing it again, I came to realize that I had quite unconsciously laid out on its pages a rough blueprint for my life, much of which had transpired over the unfolding decade. The numinous dream had purposely brought me back to the original spark of this important personal work. 

The Missing Dimension is an examination of the nature of individuation, spirituality, and the dynamics of consciousness in a search for meaning—mostly emerging from a winding personal journey through various clinical treatment settings, the halls of Congress, corporate boardrooms, and from visits to spiritual outposts such as the temple of the Dalai Lama.

Through collected stories and research, this book provides just one spectrum of possibility in our world—through an exploration of how we approach relationships, business, politics, psychology, and spirituality.

The Sexual Soul (2020)

This book is a resource and layperson's guide to the depth psychological insights detailed in my earlier book, Jung and Sex. The guide provides an applied and accessible look at many of C.G. Jung's most  important ideas, as well as those of James Hillman and others. This indepth resource is meant to support those struggling with complex sexual concerns--to support them in developing an alignment with their own depths and to ascertain how their symptoms might be expressing larger callings from deep within. Coming in 2020.

The Unconscious Organization (Late 2019)

This work examines the powerful role of the unconscious in business and organizational dynamics, and looks at the soul at work within the forces surrounding innovation, complexity, and collective empowerment. From the pathological to the inspired, organizations are driven mostly by unconscious factors--to which little if any attention, knowledge, or skill are applied. This book is about tending and accessing those vital dimensions. Coming in 2019.